Strandzha National Park
The largest protected area in Bulgaria offers a unique chance to see the biggest preserved forest complex of deciduous trees in Europe. This is the only place on the continent where the forests, which were typical for the end of the Tertiary, have been preserved (for 1 million years). More than 80% of the park area is covered by woodlands. The average age of the plants is 30 years higher than the average index for the country and the old forests, where the trees are more than 100 years old, represent 30% of all the woodlands in the protected area - which is thrice as much as the average for the country! In those natural woodlands of old trees which are among the most valuable conservation habitats we can often find rare plants such as the durmast, the local, eastern and the Strandzha oak tree with diameters of 1.5 to 2.0 meters which are aged more than 500 hundred years.
In this nature reserve you can meet the largest variety of amphibian reptiles in Europe, find ruins of Thracian wombs, enjoy the blossoming periwinkle in May, wade into the crystal clear river waters, watch ancient folklore customs and traditions, which have survived since pagan times and have been preserved with love everywhere in the mountains.
All this amazing natural, cultural and historic wealth may be found within the territory of Strandzha National Park which is a part of a still virgin forest.
If, during your holidays you are driven to the southern beaches, do not miss the opportunity to feel yourself like Indiana Jones and submerge into the wild enchantment of this very ancient forest.
Only those who have not roamed along the paths of the Strandzha mountain, who have not admired the gentle orchids blossoming around the meadows, who have not spotted the Strandzha periwinkle, cannot catch the meaning of the words: "Here I come back home to my friends".
And let us always remember:
We shall treat the National Park just not only as a prohibited area but also as a common value which will survive only if we protect and preserve it!